Team Registration

Please complete this form for online registration of the 2022 Outdoorsman Triathlon. After completion of the form you will be redirected to Paypal for payment. The payment is $25.00 for each team member. If you competed in the Individual Race click here for a discounted entry fee. If you need help in any entry field double click in that field for the help. To guarantee a competitor shirt get your entry in by September 10th. Save

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All canoes must be of ABS and conform to the 16% rule; the width of the canoe at the 4 inch waterline must be at least 16% of the canoe length. Generally any unmodified commercial ABS canoe will satisfy this requirement. However, some such as the Dagger Sojourn do not meet this requirement. If you have questions regarding your canoe contact Ed Sharp 540-752-5400 or
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