Competitor Quotes

Competitor Quotes (printed on yearly T-Shirts)

1994 “A race where even the Big Dogs stay on the porch”

1995 “It’s not whether you win or lose, it’s whether you survive”

1996 “If life is like a triathlon, then Hell is the Outdoorsman Triathlon”

1997 “If you are going to paddle with the Big Dogs, you have to learn to swim and run first”

1998 “Ow! Ow! Ow!” quoted by Mike Nolan, ultra-endurance athlete.

1999 “Never again!” quoted by Dodge Havens 1990,1991,1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997….

2000 “The Outdoorsman Triathlon will put you deep in the hurt bag” quoted by Randy Drake (past champion of the Ausable Marathon Canoe Race)

2001 “Weakness will not be tolerated” quoted by Russ Callen – continuous competitor (1976-2001)

2002 “I’d rather have a root canal” quoted by Matt Baran

2003 “It’s better than a sharp stick in the eye, but not by much” quoted by Keith Havens, 11-time champion.

2004 “For old folks, we do pretty well” quoted by Payson Kennedy referring to the undefeated senior relay of Russ Callen, Jim Hall, and Payson Kennedy.

2005 “This race is so tough all I want when I finish is a big bowl of crybaby soup” quoted by William McDuffie, National Whitewater Open Canoe Champion.

2006 “These competitors are tough… and a little stringy” quoted by the three dogs on the run course.

2007 “At least I made it to the cemetery” quoted by Ed Sharp at the top of Needmore Hill during the run.

2008 “Uh oh, she’s back” overheard from male competitors upon the return of former overall champion Karla Havens.

2009 “Pain? You try hauling 1/8 of a ton over that mountain!” quoted by World Team member and National Canoeing Champion Jim Ross when his recent weight gain encountered Needmore Hill on the run segment.

2010 “I had more fun during childbirth” quoted by an anonymous female competitor.

2011 “Never again” quoted by Dodge Havens 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997… and “Nunquam iterum, aeternum” (Never again, ever) in 2010

2012 “This race is so tough that I need to either get in real shape or stop trying to do it” quoted by former World Team Member Jim Ross.

2013 “The Outdoorsman Triathlon will put you deep in the hurt bag” quoted by Randy Drake (past champion of the Ausable Marathon Canoe Race and Moloka’i Hoe outrigger canoe race)

2014 “That race? Oh my gosh! Well, darn it! That race was difficult!” The “G” rated version on what was heard after the individual race (quoted by David Podloch, 2013 World Champion, Men’s Elite, Dragon Boat Canoe Race)

2015 “I really hate this race” overheard from long time competitor Tom Pitt

2016 “I’m just not feeling it” overheard from Jim Ross, former World Team Member, partway through the grueling swim leg”

2017 “You may need to get two hour glasses for my run” quoted by Russ Callen as he prepared to compete in his 42nd Outdoorsman race

2018 “Over the years I have determined that this race has no comfort zone” quoted by Jim Farrington, 1989 Outdoorsman Overall Champion & multiple National Whitewater Open Canoe Champion

2019 “Is it OK if I strip naked?” overheard from Judy Hammond as she transitioned from swim clothes to run clothes

2020 “I have been doing this torturous race for 40 years and have never been quoted on a shirt” Paul Joffrion, perennial outdoorsman competitor

2021 “You have to be certifiably insane to do this race twice” overheard from Louie Nardelli (a professional psychiatrist) as he prepared for his second Outdoorsman race

2022 “I’ve got to tag Mike!” Cesar Sica (first time competitor) overheard mumbling in delirium in the hospital ER after his collapse during the run leg of the relay!”

2023 “Swimming crooked, bad. Run past cemetery, good. Hearing ‘Over!’ Great.” Haiku from long-time Outdoorsman competitor Scott Dillery (in memoriam 1962-2023).